Save your Documents fotos and music in Cloud for free

Free 15 GB Cloud Storage for your Document, Fotos and Music.

Cloud storage

After that the Apple and Amanzon reduced the prices for their online storage, Microsoft offers more faviourable prices and 15 GB cloud storage for free. Satya Nadella, the new Microsoft chief has a moto “mobile-first, cloud-first”.

Microsoft has announced extensive changes for it’s Cloud OneDrive offers.  The OneDrive users will get complete 15 GByte Cloud Storage from July 2014 for free. Anybody need more, have to pay but much less than before.

By announcing this Micosoft heats up the supremacy contest in Cloud business. As I mentioned before Microsoft has announed in it’s Blog that it will be offering 15 GB for free from July 14. Not only this the new Micosoft chief also targets specially  Amazon’s that cloud services which amazon offers for Corporate customers. In the same Blog post Micosoft announced it’s new prices for 1TByte and 2 TByte storage. it says

The new monthly prices will be $1.99 for 100 GB (previously $7.49) and $3.99 for 200 GB (previously $11.49).

Do I need a cloud storage?

it’s fine that Microsoft and all other Cloud Stroage providers are offering more free space and extensively reducing their prices, but the question if I actually need a Cloud storage? the is in most cases YES. As saving your Fotos, Music, Documents online is the latest way to store your personal data. Files saved to the Cloud Storage are more secure and having less risk of losing your data.  Backups to CD/DVD-ROM and USB drives just can’t offer the same level of protection – the back-up hardware carries the same risk of damage as your computer does.



Best chocie for Web Hosting, Virtual and Dedicated Servers in Pakistan

NetBeat.PK: one stop Web Hosting, Virtual and Dedicated Server


Website is a powerful tool for individuals and organizations to offer their products or service around the globe. To publish a website you need Web Space and Web Hosting companies provide space on Servers they own. But if you are planing to launch a complex application, the simple web hosting package my be insufficent. For complex application you will need a Dedicated Server.


netbeat webhosting The webhosting company

Hosting Plans offers different Web Hosting packages according to the needs of customers. As an example if you are providing information about your corporate or starting a Blog our Basic Package should be the best choice.  The Pro Package ( if you are going to start online store ) includes 4GB of Download and 4 GB of upload soft quota as well as 2GB of webspace and the Platinum Packages includes 10GB of download, 10GB of upload quota and 5 GB of Dsikspace which is best suited for small organizations. But all this is in shared environment you have no admin rights.

Virtual Servers

If you are planning to host a complex web application where you or your web admin have to do cetertain administrative tasks or maintinance then you probably need a Dedicated Server. There is a claver way to save money but still enjoying the administrative right i.e. choosing a Virtual Server also offers different Virtaul Server package for most of the situtions. like Virtual S15 is a great package which offer 15GB soft quota of 15 GB webspace and 512 MB RAM. another great offer can be seen at Virtual S30 which offers 30 GB webspace and 1 GB RAM at just 2999,- per month and last but not the least Virtual S60 at unbeatable prices.

Dedicated Servers

NetBeat also offers dedicated servers for Corporate websites, where the server is usually be configured and operated remotely from the client company. We can offer the best packages for Dedicated Linux or Windows Servers. Again here are few sample Dedicated Server plans are listed. like Atomserver XL where you can choose an Operating system of your choice with 4 GB RAM and almost 650 GB Hard Disk with Intel Atom D525 Dual-Core. It may also attract you QuadServer S which offers 1.5 terra bytes of Diskspace and  4 GB RAM and 4 x 2,4 GHz CPU for only RS 8000,- per month. One last offer which I would like to mention here is QuadServer M with 4 x 2,4 GHz CPU and 16 GB DDR3 RAM for only RS 10999,- per month.

Why NetBeat?

NetBeat is one of the best hosting companies in Pakistan with it’s Data Centers in Germany. We simplyoffer the Best equipmets available at unbeatable price and quality. Our Server are monitered 24h a day and we guarantee  within 24 hours replace service, in case of any Hardware defect. Similerly Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus filters are active on all our Servers. Each package includes also one free domain either .com,, .pk, .net, .org or .Biz.

In case of any query please fell free to drop us a mail at


Starting online web store

Why should you open an online store?


The Market for online shops or online stores is big in Pakistan, it’s true while noting is more  important to the success of  your business than to have an online store. People are using internet for everything ranging from gathering information to purchase any thing in daily life. And Statistics shows that every year the number of prople increasing about 2% who prefer to purchase online. I would say in Pakistan it’s the best time to start your own online shop regardless of your Business size or Services yor offer. The fact of the matter is that creating  web shop isn’t just something you need to do to increase your customer base – it’s something you must do to survive now.


Don’t lose out of profit 

The key to success for your business is the ability to adapt, and in this era what a business must adopt is to create it’s online presence. If you aren’t already selling your products or service online, it’s very likely that you are losing out on a huge amount of profit or you are simply leaving space for your competitors.

How to Start a Web Store

Many business owners or Service providers  aren’t sure about how to begin their web store to present their products / service on the Internet. The simple answer is to get an open source e-commerece script. But this is not enough to make your business successful. There are some other factors that must be considered after getting an online store.

  • how to popularize your store both for users and search engines.
  • how to make it user friendly i.e easy to use.
  • how to guide the users through the whole shopping process.
  • how to convert the users into potential customers?

we netbeat are here to help you through all these problems. The most urgent step is to get your store up and running right away.

Why is getting an online store so urgent?

As you know that every day Hundreds of millions of people using internet, and still the number of users is increasing and it’s highly likely that whatever product or service you are  selling will attract at least some of them. And it does not means that an onilne shop will get you more customers base there are other benfits like

  • An online store will open up 24 hours a day.
  • no extra resources are required
  • Newsletter will attract your customer to come back as they get information about new additions.
  • etc

Why NetBeat

We have over 14 years of experiance in designing and creating websites. and our customers are already running their successful websites.

NetBeat will not  only help your design your online shop in a manner that is very appealing to customers but use the latest standrs to create your store. Look into opening an online store today? we are here to help you from start to end.




Virtual Sever comparison

What are the advantages of having own Virtual Server or vServer?  The first answer is that you have the flexibility of a root server at very low proce. And at the  moment there are too many Hosting Provider offering Virtual Servers. As you will Sign a hosting plan for your Web Presence, which is very important for your Business. So before you choose any Provider there are few things that you should keep in mind.

Before for get a Hostong plan I will recomend to pay attention to at least the following 4 point.

  • CPU-Clock
  • RAM
  • Storage

Virtual Server – Checklist before choosing a Provider-


As you may know that a Physical host Server will run multiple  virtual servers. It depends on the Hosting Provider how many Virtual Server are created on a Root Server. Possibley a Root Server will be hosting dozens of virtual servers.  A good rule of thumb is that having more cores in the host server trumps higher clock speeds.

so if you have a choice between a 4-core CPU running at 2.93GHz and a 6- or 12-core CPU running at 2.4GHz, you’ll be better off with the latter option. That’s because the capability to spread the virtual-server load across more CPU cores typically translates into faster, more consistent performance across all the virtual machines.



The Hosting Provideroften mention garantied RAM in MB and this is not actually the allocated RAM that you will have for your vServer. Often it means only for some momentary load on you vServer like traffic increase, some crone jobs or some Server process. And a vServer with 128 MB RAM having a Database breaches the limits.


In case of Virtual Servers normally the host Server will be responsible for the Storage. What you can ask from the hosting provider, is that whether the Host Server has more than one Disks? as more disks are better, within reason.  For general purposes, SATA drives will be sufficent.